how many porta potties do I need?

How Many Porta Potties Per Person?

Whether you are hosting an outdoor event or arranging a construction event, it is crucial to have an adequate number …

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who invented the porta potty

Who Invented the Porta Potty?

Toilets have evolved tremendously since their creation. They went from basic ceramic pots to high-tech, modern toilets that flush themselves. …

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How Do Porta Potties Work?

Porta potties. A sweet relief for some, but something others won’t touch with a 6 ½ foot pole. You’re familiar …

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How to clean a porta potty

How To Clean A Porta Potty

Most people think iPhones, laptops, WiFi, and automatic pet feeders are the greatest advancements of the modern age. But what’s …

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Where Does The Poop Go In A Porta Potty?

We’ve all been to an outdoor event or two that has utilized portable toilets. Music festivals, outdoor sporting events, state …

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Funny Porta Potty Names

Porta potties may not be the most elegant things to discuss, but they’re a vital part of large events. They …

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