Portable Handicap Toilets (Is Your Porta Potty ADA Approved) 

In 2010, the Census Bureau estimated that about 57 million Americans have a disability — and the number only keeps …

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how to keep outdoor toilet from freezing

How To Prevent Freezing of Portable Toilets

Can toilets freeze? Few people enjoy the idea of using a porta-potty during the cold winter months. The chilly temperatures …

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using a porta potty safely

Using a Porta Potty Safely

Pooping in a porta potty remains an interesting experience. Some believe porta potties contain increased bacteria levels that pose serious …

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septic tank cleaning porta potty

Septic Tank Never Needs Emptying 

Septic tanks remain the unsung heroes of household utilities. Septic tank systems filter the waste produced by households and prove …

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what is the porta potty blue liquid

What Is the Porta Potty Blue Liquid?

If you’ve ever used a portable toilet, you’ve probably wondered why the liquid looks blue. At Wilkinson Portable Toilet INC, …

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how porta potties are made

How Porta Potties Are Made

Have you ever wondered how porta potties are made? Though more people are becoming comfortable with using porta-potties, many still …

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