What Is a Black Water Tank? All You Need to Know About This RV Essential

Black water is wastewater. When you flush the toilet, that’s black water. So, what is a black water tank? Simply ...
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How Often Do You Need To Dump RV Waste?

We all know that a camping trip is a perfect way to get away from it all, but there’s more ...
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why is a porta potty blue

Why Is A Porta Potty Blue?

You’ve probably used a portable restroom or a porta-potty before, and you may have peeked into the tank and noticed ...
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How To Keep Porta Potty From Smelling

With summer comes an abundance of outdoor parties, events, and celebrations. Event planners will almost always request portable toilets for ...
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how to disguise a porta potty

How To Disguise A Porta Potty

For an outdoor or backyard event, the venue may not have enough bathroom facilities for your guests. You can solve ...
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who invented liquid soap

Who Invented Liquid Soap?

Ever since Antoine Philips van Leeuwenhoek, the famous Dutch glassmaker, looked through his microscope and saw a living organism, the ...
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