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Wilkinson’s Portables is the trusted supplier of high quality portable toilet rentals serving Fair Oaks, El Dorado County, Folsom, Plymouth and the Greater Sacramento Area.

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Our Porta Potty's - Designed For Durability

Porta potties are an essential part of large social events, such as festivals and concerts. In fact, some festivals have been known to get so crowded that porta potties can be in short supply. If you’re worried about making it to the bathroom in time, you’re not alone! 

Porta potties can also be used for self-contained outdoor adventures. There’s nothing worse than being out on a hiking or camping trip without access to a bathroom or toilet.

Wilkinson’s provides next-gen porta potties with a pleasant environmental look and feel in Fair Oaks. Our standard units and are spacious and well vented for continuous airflow, preventing unwanted tank odors inside. We only use the highest quality “Blue” toilet chemicals to remove unpleasant odors.

You can find our Porta Potties among large outdoor events and construction projects in Fair Oaks, while we reserve the more fitting gray to blend with the theme settings of weddings and special events.

Porta potties have come a long way in both design and elegance. We offer a full line of high-end portable toilet and ultimate restroom trailers in Fair Oaks for those events where luxury is a must.

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Our Most Popular Porta Potty's

Porta-potty rental services are necessary for most large or special gatherings, or construction worksites. They also require a lot of space and time to set up before the event begins.

The average person typically spends less than an hour in one port-o-potty during their entire life span. But at some events, the time spent inside is much longer, sometimes hours per day, which can lead to unpleasant smells and unsanitary conditions.

These problems are eliminated when you use our portable toilets rentals instead of trying to find enough on-site restrooms for your guests or employees. There’s never any need to worry about finding enough toilet paper either! If you want to rent porta potties from Wilkinson Portables, fill out the form above to get  a free quote today!

Standard Portable Toilets

Special Event Portable

Standard Toilet on a Trailer

Special & Large Event Products

Family Porta Potty
Luxury Trailer

You’ll usually find a portable toilet or two in a small event but for larger events, you want multiple.

We provide porta potty rentals for all types of gatherings, from small family reunions to major sporting events in Fair Oaks. We also offer a variety of other related services, like hand washing stations and cleaning equipment.

A wedding reception, private family reunions, an outdoor event like a backyard party or community events like music festivals in the park, charity runs or bike races fall into our Special Event category.

Often theme-oriented, we offer quality portable restrooms in a neutral gray color more fitting for any special occasion.

Always new or near new equipment these units are reserved for special gatherings only & Wilkinson’s provides next-gen portables with a pleasant environmental look and feel, as well as luxury suite facilities and guest units compliant with the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA).

Check out our Large Event Products here.

Check out our Special Event Products here.

If you’re planning an event that will require more than one or two toilets, contact us today to talk about rental costs.

Family Porta Potty
Luxury Trailer

Luxury Trailers

In recent years, luxury trailer restrooms have been popping up in more and more places in Fair Oaks.

Extending the elegance and luxury of your private event, our specialty VIP, 4-stall trailer facility for men and women offer privacy, full-flushing toilets and more within a sophisticated environment rarely experienced in portables.

When you care to offer your guests the very best, our specialty trailers are the perfect option.

Large events demand large-scale capabilities with guaranteed quality of service and on-site maintenance.

An Event Attendant is available upon request to ensure your equipment remains clean and well-stocked through the event. Ask our consultant about availability and pricing.

Learn more about our Luxury Trailer product here or contact us to talk about rental costs.

Construction Products

Construction companies often need portable toilets and a hand washing station or two for their workers on the job in Fair Oaks.

These temporary bathrooms can be a little tricky to get right. You never want to have a construction worksite that has an inadequate number of porta-potties where your employees are waiting in line to use them. It’s not like this is common practice, but it does happen sometimes when there aren’t enough facilities available or they’re poorly designed or maintained. And it’s not just inconvenient for the workers; some research suggests that these delays might actually cost employers money by increasing turnover rates and decreasing productivity among disgruntled employees who have to wait too long in line before going back out onto the worksite.

A construction job site requires a portable toilet that is up to the challenges of a rugged location… easy to move when necessary and built for predominantly a man-sized labor force.

Our construction portables are low-maintenance and durable with a built-in, stand-over urinal and convenient coat hook. With plenty of inside room and enhanced odor control, it’s the perfect solution for large commercial and highway construction sites. Check out our service areas to see if we can deliver a portable to you.

We provide ongoing construction services for our port a potties that include: weekly cleaning and maintenance, and when necessary, relocation as phase or project build-out progresses.

Recommended Quantity: One (1) Portable Restroom per 10 Employees over a normal 40-hr workweek for a job site. All of our products have paper towels and other amenities readily available.

You can learn more about our portable toilet rental construction products here.

Standard Porta Potty

For large events, the Standard Toilet a is a quality, economical choice of portables for most.

Standard Hand Wash Station

Convenient and freestanding, the standard hand wash station is perfect for job sites or a standard event.

Porta Potty With Sink Inside

In our all-in-one unit, we offer our standard toilets with a sink inside for your convenience.

Porta Potty On A Trailer

Best for a construction project, or any application where portable restrooms need to be easily relocated.

ADA Porta Potty

Engineered for strength and space, the ADA unit provides long handrails, increased space inside. Wheelchair and stroller friendly, the large interior allows for a parent or caregiver to assist.

Containment Tray

Trays are designed to contain any spillover of water and cleaning solution, keeping the ground dry and contaminate free, and meet most federal, state and local regulations.

Holding Tanks

Offering flexibility with frequent movement of construction site trailers and RV’s, holding tanks are a perfect solution for sites lacking sewer access or septic tank disposal.


Founded on the principle of integrity of service and a commitment to excellence in 1958, Wilkinson’s Portables values its role as a community partner and trusted service provider, ensuring that event planners, construction companies, emergency services personnel, and both large and small entertainment venues have dependable, safe, quality site facilities that match their needs.

While a portables rental company may not be the first item on your event planning list or construction blueprints, with the professionals at Wilkinson’s Portables, it’s the last thing you will need to worry about.

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