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Porta Potty Rentals for Weddings

Wilkinson’s Portables prides itself in our experience and ability to transport and service toilet and handwashing facilities on a large scale. Porta potties are available for wedding ceremonies and parties.

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Our Wedding Porta Potty's​​

We have plenty of portables to service your wedding reception, ceremony, rehearsal, and more. We service the El Dorado, Amador, and Calaveras counties. Call us today for a quote for your party, or call (530) 622-6169 to speak to a live rep.

Experience the epitome of comfort and convenience with our luxury porta potty rental trailer. It’s equipped with high-end amenities, offering a clean, spacious, and elegant solution for your outdoor event needs.

Porta Potty Calculator

Figure out how many porta potties you'll need for your event.

Special Event Porta Potty​

For most community and special events, this porta potty is a quality, economical choice of portables, offering a spacious environment with built-in hand sanitizers and a convenient door hook for purses or jackets.

Standard Porta Potty

Whether for a single-family home remodel, or a large construction project, the Standard Blue Room is a quality, economical choice of portables. It can also withstand the rugged environment of any job site. 

Porta Potty With Changing Station Inside

Our family porta potty is perfect for large or special/community events where a lot of kids are present. Plenty of room inside as well to fit your stroller or other kids.

Porta Potty With Hand Wash Station Inside

Standard Construction toilet with an upgrade. Get a toilet and wash station in one! The foot pedal is positioned so users can operate the unit easily and get a thorough washing with limited pumps.

Special Event ADA Approved Porta Potty

Our special event ADA porta potty provides long handrails, increased floor area and flexibility for the handicap guest within a fully private setting.

Special Event Hand Wash Station

The perfect choice for large, high-attendance events, our Special Event Hand Wash Station doubles the capacity of most standard stations.

Standard ADA Porta Potty

Engineered for strength and space, the ADA unit provides long handrails, increased space inside. Wheelchair and stroller friendly, the large interior allows for a parent or caregiver to assist.

Standard Event Hand Wash Station

Convenient and freestanding, the standard hand wash station is perfect for job sites or a small community event. It comes stocked and ready for your guests or job site.


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