Where Does The Poop Go In A Porta Potty?

We’ve all been to an outdoor event or two that has utilized portable toilets. Music festivals, outdoor sporting events, state fairs; all of these large-scale events utilize porta potty waste disposal. 

While they’re not the main attraction at any event, these portable toilet units are essential to both guests and hosts. We especially take porta potty waste removal for granted. After all, no one wants to imagine what a large music festival would be like if we didn’t have anywhere to dump portable toilet waste. There are also human health hazards and environmental pollution factors to consider. 

So, it’s safe to say that porta potty waste removal specialists are the unsung hero of our favorite outdoor events. But you might be more curious about the process that goes into managing these units, especially if you need some for an upcoming gig.

How does a porta-potty work? How are portal potties emptied? And where do you dump portal potty waste when a unit is full? We’ll answer all of your questions below. 

Why Are Porta Potties Important? 

Besides serving the very practical purpose of providing a place for people to go to the bathroom, portal potties offer many benefits to the environment and humans alike. 

Perhaps the most obvious benefit, portable toilets provide a safe and sanitary place for folks to use the facilities. It’s a great option for events hosted in remote locations away from indoor bathrooms, and they are much easier to coordinate than installing a full plumbing system. 

In addition to providing a sanitary space for event-goers, both the cleaning and waste removal processes ensure that there isn’t any negative environmental impact. Waste can be disposed of safely instead of entering into the environment, which can damage plant life, disrupt wildlife, and cause sickness. 

How Does a Porta Potty Work?

If you’re looking to rent a few waste management portable toilets for an event, you’re probably wondering how a unit actually works. We can all guess the basics, but many people don’t know how they’re actually put together.

A portable toilet works mostly like a conventional indoor one — they flush away waste. But instead of that waste being disposed of through a sewage line underground, it’s moved to a holding tank. This tank is located directly underneath the toilet. 

There are four main components to this process, all of which need to be fully functioning for this porta potty waste removal to work. These include:

  • Flushing mechanism
  • Pressure system
  • Toilet seat
  • Holding tank

How Does the Rental Process Work?

When it comes to waste management porta potty solutions, not just anyone is in charge. Instead, event organizers contact portable toilet rental companies to handle each step of the process.

If you’re looking to host an event where they are needed, know that you don’t have to do any of the dirty work. A rental company will deliver, assemble, empty, and clean the portable toilets and then take them away when the event is over. 

If you’re holding a multi-day event and are worried about the porta potty disposal, any reputable company will have a thorough cleaning and deodorizing process to ensure the health and safety of your guests. 

How are Porta Potties Emptied?

Now, let’s discuss something that is a mystery to most of us: how to empty a portable toilet. 

A sanitation company will arrive at the end of the day when guests no longer need to use the facilities. A large hose is then attached to the large storage tanks located on the back of a truck, and the other end to the holding tank is attached to the portable toilet. 

Once this is done and the hose is securely in place, a strong vacuum will transfer the waste from the waste management porta potty to the tanks in the trucks. Once all the waste is emptied, the crews will either conduct a full cleaning and restock the toilets on-site or bring them to their facilities to do the same. 

Where Do You Dump Porta Potty Waste? 

Rentals and sanitation facilities commonly work together to handle porta potty waste disposal by emptying waste and cleaning the toilets themselves. 

Once emptied, this waste is taken care of by being taken to a sanitation facility where it is treated. These facilities are also known as treatment plants and are equipped to process large amounts of waste.  

At these plants, waste is broken down by being exposed to microbes and then processed, eliminating any harmful contaminants. Once this is done and the portable toilets are thoroughly cleaned, they’re ready for use at the next event. 

Final Thoughts 

Well, now you know almost everything there is to know about porta potty disposal. We’ve answered questions like “how do porta potties work?” and described how to empty a portable toilet. While the reality of this process may not be pretty, it is necessary to keep outdoor events fun and safe for everyone attending. And the more you know how to use a porta potty for waste management, the better your event will be. 

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