Porta Potty vs. Porta Potty Deluxes and Their Differences

For many people, the idea of having to use a porta potty can be downright terrifying. But this reflects an outdated view of a portable potty trailer rental.

Nowadays, most providers have upped their game. You will find two main types of portable toilets to choose from, essentially a standard porta potty vs. porta potty deluxes.

Here we delve into the differences to help you decide which is right for you.

Basics of a Trailer Potty: What Is a Porta John?

What is a porta john? Before delving into the differences between a porta potty vs. porta potty deluxes, let’s start with the basics.

A porta potty is a temporary toilet designed for use in public place settings, such as construction sites and festivals. These typically consist of metal or plastic and are usually very small, so they’re ideal for one person to use at a time.

Porta johns come in different sizes and shapes, but they all generally have the same features:

  • Toilet seat 
  • Toilet bowl with a lid (to keep foul odors inside)
  • Hand sanitizer dispensers
  • Solar-powered light

Some may provide sinks and soap dispensers outside the stall for extra comfort.

deluxe porta potty

What Are Porta Potty Deluxes (Porta John Deluxes)?

Portable toilets with deluxe features, also known as porta john deluxes or porta potty deluxes, offer many more upscale options than their standard counterparts.

They feature additional amenities like:

  • Adjustable seat height
  • Soap dispenser
  • Hands-free (foot-operated) sink
  • Hand dryer
  • Maximum ventilation and air fresheners
  • Door shelving with hooks
  • Door-mounted mirror

Many companies offer these deluxe models for rent because they know how important it is for people to feel comfortable while using public restrooms where there may not be many other nearby options.

Porta Potty vs. Porta John Deluxes: What Are the Differences?


The main difference between a standard porta potty vs. porta potty deluxes lies in how many people can use them simultaneously.

Standard models are typically smaller than deluxe models and limited by local building codes regarding the number of people they can accommodate at one time. The size difference between these two portable restrooms may seem small on paper, but it makes quite a difference when you see them in person.


Porta potties are small, self-contained structures that provide temporary access to restrooms without permanent facilities. Companies and event organizers typically use them in areas with a high demand for restrooms but little space to build permanent ones. You can also use them as an alternative to regular toilets or even as a substitute for them entirely, e.g., on construction sites.


When it comes to porta potty vs. porta john deluxes, the most significant difference stems from the amenities that each model includes.

Standard models feature a toilet bowl and basic amenities like flushing toilets, toilet paper, and hand sanitizer dispensers. Deluxe models include more upscale features like space, internal sinks and soap dispensers, enhanced ventilation, storage, air fresheners, and even music systems and flat-screen TVs.


Naturally, when it comes to standard porta potty vs. porta john deluxes, deluxe porta johns are more expensive than standard porta potties. This is due to the sheer luxuries they provide. You should expect to pay more when renting out these units.

Things To Consider When Renting a Porta Potty Trailer

Porta potties have indeed come far. As noted above, a standard porta potty vs. porta john deluxes can have significant differences.

However, even the classic john gives you a safe and inexpensive way to relieve yourself. You can create a truly unique experience for your guests.

But no matter which kind of porta potty you choose, you need to keep some basic things in mind before you rent your next one:

Know What Makes a Good Porta Potty Rental Company

You want a company that can handle all your event’s porta potty vs. porta potty deluxes needs. Wilkinson Portables stands out as a portable restroom rental company in the foothills of northern California. We have ample experience renting out portable toilets and have numerous testimonials for your peace of mind.

Get Enough Porta Potties for Your Event

Make sure you have enough units on-site, so everyone has access at all times without having to wait in line; the last thing you want is for your guests or employees—or both—to be waiting around while someone uses the loo.

Have a Plan B for Your Luxury Portable Toilets Rental

So you have a plan for your porta potty rental. You know where you’re going to put it, how many people you expect to use it, and when you’ll need to empty it. But what if things don’t go as planned?

We’re not saying that they will—but having a Plan B just in case is always a good idea. It’s better to be prepared than to worry about cleaning up an accidental mess or finding another place for your portable toilet when the one you rented breaks down.

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