What Is the Porta Potty Blue Liquid?

If you’ve ever used a portable toilet, you’ve probably wondered why the liquid looks blue. At Wilkinson Portable Toilet INC, clients often ask about the porta potty blue liquid and its purpose. Today, we’re providing you with more information regarding what chemicals portable toilet manufacturers use and why they are essential.   

Understanding How to Make a Porta Potty 

Making a porta potty is relatively simple: You need a surround, a toilet, and a receptacle for the waste. 

A couple of hundred years ago, this meant using a shack with a well-appointed bench. The bench incorporated a toilet seat, and people dug a pit in the ground for the waste. It was an effective if less than comfortable, solution. 

Portable and construction site toilets have come a long way since then, but if you ask, “How do porta potty’s work?” it’s not much different. Our porta-potty construction is somewhat different today thanks to George Harding, the inventor of the modern portable toilet. 

Porta Potty Construction Is Simple

Ask porta john manufacturers today, and they’ll tell you the basic principle remains the same. However, today’s models feature a closed-in waste receptacle and some running water. In addition, you will find flushable toilets and sometimes washbasins. 

porta potty and porta potty liquid

Check a Porta Potty Diagram to See How Simple the System Is

If you browse our blog or that of a porta-potty manufacturer, you’ll likely find a porta-potty diagram and can see how simple it is. The primary difference between older and modern designs is that portable toilet manufacturers today make allowances for water and chemicals. 

If you think that means we’re about to learn more about the porta-potty blue liquid, you’re right. 

A Porta Potty Manufacturer Must Make Things Sanitary

Nothing during porta-potty construction can prevent the growth of bacteria when the potty is in use. Porta-potty manufacturers add porta-potty blue liquid to sanitize the waste and kill pathogens.

The liquid also deodorizes the waste, masking that unpleasant aroma. Without these chemicals, using a portable toilet after it’s been outside for an entire day would be impossible. The smell would be overpowering in that small space, with dangerous pathogens circling in the air. 

The blue formulation consists of four primary parts: 

  • Biocides: Sewerage teems with nasty bugs requiring a potent anti-microbial agent to keep the potty sanitary. Without these biocides, the bacterial overgrowth would result in a dreadful smell within hours. 
  • Detergents: These form a dual function of keeping the bowl inside clean and balancing out the biocide’s strong scent. Without a detergent, you’d get a strong whiff of disinfectant every time you were in the potty. 
  • Fragrances: The fragrances mask residual odors from the waste and other ingredients in the formula. However, without the biocide, it wouldn’t be very effective. Without the detergent, the biocide would overpower the fragrance. 
  • Dyes: The dyes may seem unnecessary, but they stain the plastic, giving the cleaners an indication that the liquid is still active.   

Porta Potty Manufacturers Give the Chemicals a Practical Purpose

Prepare yourself; we’re about to blow your mind. The blue liquid is not necessarily blue anymore. Different brands are experimenting with different colors, and while this experimentation may seem ridiculous, the dyes play an essential role. 

When the dye becomes too weak to stain the bowl, the maintenance team knows it’s time to replace the liquid. This indicator makes it easy to balance proper hygiene with cost-effectiveness. 

Speak to the Professionals 

Now that you have a better understanding of what the porta potty blue liquid is, you may have other questions. If so, we invite you to send them our way. We want you to be as comfortable as possible when renting your next porta-potty. 

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