How To Disguise A Porta Potty

For an outdoor or backyard event, the venue may not have enough bathroom facilities for your guests. You can solve this by renting portable toilets from Wilkinson Portables. While these portable bathrooms are not glamorous, they don’t have to be an unsightly and uncomfortable experience for your guests so let’s see how to disguise a porta potty.

You can spruce up your porta-potties to make them more appealing and comfortable. In this article, we share some tips on how to disguise a porta-potty with exterior and interior decorations.

Improving a Porta-Potty’s Visual Appeal

You want to make a positive first impression on your guests by improving the outward appearance of your outdoor porta-potty. Let’s look at a few tips for decorating the outside of your porta-potty to make it as welcoming as possible:

Add Greenery for a Natural Feel

Adding potted plants and flowers around your porta-potty can make the plastic enclosure look natural, beautiful, and welcoming.

Welcome Mats Create a Homey Feel

You want to make your guests feel at home. A simple way to achieve this lies in placing a welcome mat in front of your porta-potty’s door.

Besides being decorative, a welcome mat is also functional. It will give your outside porta-potty a homey feel, and the bristles will help keep it clean by cleaning your guest’s shoes as they use the porta-potty.

Decorative porta potties example

Add Decorative Signs

Signs are essential for any outdoor event. It can be uncomfortable and inconvenient for your guests to always ask where to find the bathrooms. With well-marked signs, your guests will know that they can freely use the provided portable toilet enclosures.

You can make the signs simple and informative or humorous and funny. Humorous signs are often inviting and can make your guests feel at ease.

Have a Fence Around the Portable Toilet Enclosures

This idea represents the most practical on how to disguise a porta-potty, but implementing it can be challenging and time-consuming. Depending on the resources and time at your disposal, you can even construct a perimeter wall around your porta-potty to hide it completely.

However, if you have limited time and a small budget, you can surround the portable bathroom with a simple garden lattice. You can then enhance its curb appeal with lights, pictures, hanging signs, and other accents. This works especially well for a porta-potty in the front yard or open space of the venue.

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Decorating the Inside of Your Porta-Potty

Now that your guests have a positive attitude toward your porta-potty, you need to live up to their expectations about what lies inside the plastic box. You want to prove to your guests that rental porta-potties are not always gross, smelly, and uncomfortable.

A well-thought-out interior decoration can make a huge difference in how your guests perceive your porta-potties and your event in general. Read on for a few tips to make the interior of your porta-potties more appealing and ensure your guests have a great bathroom-going experience.

Let There Be Light

Proper lighting can make a brilliant impact on portable bathrooms. Whenever portable potties are mentioned, many individuals visualize dark spaces that are a nightmare to navigate. Adding some decorative lights inside the units can make them feel warm and welcoming.

These lights also help illuminate the space if your event extends into the night. Unfortunately, decorative lights can be expensive. However, you can make this decoration simple and cost-effective by choosing battery-powered and affordable lighting options.

Add Pleasant Smells

One of the biggest turn-offs in porta-potties stems from the foul smell. However, you don’t need to overwhelm the space with air fresheners that only mask odors. Essential oils make an excellent way to keep your porta-potty enclosure smelling fresh.

Add a Personal Touch With Pictures

The primary reason for decorating your porta-potty is to make it feel like a traditional bathroom, and you will find no better way to achieve that than with pictures. Besides making your portable bathroom feel like a traditional home bathroom, pictures also give your guests something else to focus on.

Whether for a wedding, a birthday, or any other occasion, ensure the pictures are relevant to the event. In this way, the pictures will help distract your guests from the fact that they are using a porta-potty.

You can also use a functional mirror in the place of pictures. Besides adding a touch of style to the space, a mirror will also come in handy when guests want to adjust their outfits or fix their hair.

Promote Sanitation and Cleanliness

Many people hate using porta-potties because they associate them with poor sanitation. However, you can make your guests comfortable using your porta-potties by investing in sanitation kits. Placing sanitation items like wet wipes, hand sanitizers, deodorants, and stain removers can make your guests feel comfortable using the portable bathrooms and even interacting with each other, especially during a pandemic.

Green porta potty on the beach

Treat Your Outdoor Porta-Potty Like Your Bathroom

We already mentioned that the main reason for decorating a porta-potty includes making it feel like a traditional bathroom. You can enhance this feeling by adding framed word art, flowers, a beautiful wicker basket, and other items that give your home bathroom a personal touch.

A porta-potty comes virtually empty, and whatever details you add will show your guests that your care about their comfort and overall experience at your event.

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Have a Schedule To Maintain Overall Hygiene

Like any other bathroom, porta-potties need to remain clean and fresh throughout the event. An unhygienic interior can ruin the whole experience regardless of how tastefully you decorate the space. Therefore, you should have a cleaning schedule to maintain interior hygiene, and this will depend on the number of people using the porta-potty.

Need High-Quality Porta-Potty Rentals?

Porta-potties offer a simple and cost-effective way to provide your guests with bathroom facilities in an outdoor setting. However, many people avoid them due to past encounters with poorly maintained and gross portable bathrooms. You can elevate your guests’ bathroom-going experience and restore their confidence in porta-potties by implementing the tips in this article.

Even if you know how to disguise a porta-potty with exterior and interior decorations, you may not achieve the desired results with poor-quality porta-potties. You don’t need to know how to build a porta-potty when you can easily find rentals. When renting a porta-potty, you should go for the best quality options to ensure your guests’ comfort, and Wilkinson Portables is here to help you.

Wilkinson Portables is a premier supplier of high-quality porta-potties serving El Dorado County, Folsom, Plymouth, and the Placerville Area. If you’re ever in the area, make sure to reach out.

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