How To Keep Porta Potty From Smelling

With summer comes an abundance of outdoor parties, events, and celebrations. Event planners will almost always request portable toilets for these events to run smoothly, especially where traditional toilet facilities aren’t available.

Porta potties are a convenient outdoor bathroom solution popular with event planners nationwide. However, the age-old conundrum that comes with renting one of these bathrooms is how to keep a porta-potty from smelling.

If you have an upcoming event and are worried about how to keep porta potty from smelling, we have all the information you need to help you maintain clean portable restrooms. Read on to avoid the embarrassment and increased disease risk resulting from a dirty portable toilet.

How Do I Stop My Portable Toilet from Smelling?

While portable toilets understandably carry many disease-causing germs, there are effective ways of cleaning a porta-potty to minimize germs and odors. Some proven techniques you can use when thinking about how to keep porta-potty from smelling include the following.

Regularly Air Out Your Portable Toilet

keep a porta potty from smelling

Keeping your porta-potties closed without occasionally airing them out is one of the fastest ways to create an unhealthy and foul-smelling toilet.

To avoid this risk, air your unit regularly by leaving the door open for 30 minutes to an hour. This aeration is vital when your porta-potty is receiving much traffic or has been in the rental market for an extended period.

Disinfect the Tank before Use

Another essential aspect of effective porta-potty maintenance involves disinfecting the tank before use. By adding this disinfectant, you break down any residual waste, minimizing foul smells.

Furthermore, use a wide-spectrum antimicrobial fog to disinfect the interior surfaces. Allow ample time for the product to work its magic.

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Use the Best Possible Deep-Blue Products for Effective Cleaning and Odor Control

Blue products are another essential aspect of keeping your portable toilet clean and fresh smelling. These commercial-grade products combat foul smells while eliminating bacteria and other pathogens that could spread disease.

Examples of these products include liquid blue disinfectant that cleans and controls odor in the toilet tank, dry toss deodorizing packets for potent biocide action and long-lasting fragrance, and anti-microbial fog for all-around interior disinfection.

Focus on cleaning touchpoints or contact points because these areas—door handles, hand sanitizer dispenser, and toilet paper holders—are dirtier than the rest of the unit, making them central culprits in spreading disease through touch.

Use Fresh Straps for Added Odor Control

Fresh Straps, fitted onto the porta-potty stack, are full of odor-eliminating fragrance for the freshest possible toilet interior. They are incredibly long-lasting (up to sixty days) and discrete for added convenience and comfort for the customer.

These deodorizers come in handy when the traffic to your unit is heavy; therefore, ensure that you don’t leave them out when hiring out your unit for an event.

Final Thoughts

clean porta potty

Effective porta-potty maintenance requires a strict cleaning and disinfection schedule backed by premium-quality and eco-friendly cleaning and odor-control products.

At Wilkinson Portables, we specialize in providing luxurious, spacious, well-vented, and comfortable portable toilets. We ensure a risk-free porta-potty experience for all our customers by using only the highest quality “deepest-blue” toilet chemicals to effectively prevent any unpleasant porta-potty smell.

You can rely on us to offer you the highest flexibility and customer service to ensure your event proceeds without a hitch.

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