The Porta Potty in Construction: A Brief Overview

Whether you work in an office block or build them, when you have to go, you have to go. The Porta potty in construction is now essential on all work sites, thanks to OHSA regulations and labor laws. 

As the site manager, do you know what the regulations state? Is your construction sites restroom up to proper standards? In this article, we’ll look at the basic rules surrounding construction toilet rental so that you stay on the right side of the law and keep your construction workers satisfied.

Cleaning and Servicing a Porta Potty in Construction

Before we discuss how many construction portable toilets you need, let’s discuss how you’ll clean them. 

The American National Standards Institute recommends thoroughly cleaning every construction porta potty once a week. If that is impractical, it’s wise to up your budget and incorporates more units to keep your employees comfortable. 

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OHSA Rules for Portable Toilet in Construction 

According to OHSA regulations, you must provide your employees access to sanitation facilities. These can be in the form of a portable potty trailer rental or a ready-built unit within close walking distance. 

To be on the safe side, consider these figures for your porta potty construction total (the numbers below are per gender): 

  • 1-15 employees: One
  • 16-35 employees: Two
  • 36-55 employees: Three
  • 56-80 employees: Four
  • 81-110 employees: Five 

After that, you need another construction porta potty toilet for each gender for every 40 employees. Should the number exceed 200, you need one more portable toilet construction for every 50 employees. 

the porta potty in contstruction

Generally speaking, it may prove prudent to hire more units than stated for a more extensive site. When choosing their placement, consider how far the workers must walk to access the toilets. Long walks could negatively impact productivity, so it’s better to over-cater in this respect. 

Construction Toilet Rental Types

There are several types of porta potty available. Some merely offer urinals and are ideal for work sites with primarily male employees. However, these types can only constitute two-thirds of the overall number. 

The remainder will have to be more like proper bathrooms with a toilet and possibly a handwashing facility. Simpler models merely have the toilet and a sanitization station, and these are popular on work sites. Ordering a trailer instead can save space as there are several stalls that share a bathroom.

Finally, there are ADA-compliant models for employees with physical disabilities. While you may not have many disabled workers at your site, it also bears considering who will visit the site regularly. For example, if an office worker with mobility issues visits the site regularly, you will need to cater to them as well. 

Handwashing Facilities at Your Construction Site Portable Toilet

Sanitation facilities also include handwashing facilities. Where there is no running water, you must provide a hand sanitizer for your workers to use. You must mount this where it’s easily accessible inside or nearby the toilets and keep it well-stocked. 

More advanced models have a wash basin. For such models, you must provide your workers with a way to dry their hands. You may use disposable towels or an air blower for this function. 

A Deluxe Portable Toilet For Construction Site

Your final decision is between a standard porta-potty for construction and a luxury port-a-potty rental. The decision here depends on your budget and the requisite working conditions. 

The luxury portable toilets rental typically incorporates a hands-free sink, mirrors, hooks, and several other niceties. While these are pricier, they are also more practical than providing a separate handwashing station. 

Learn more about the differences between the standard and most expensive porta potty before you make a decision. 

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